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Creating video memoirs and family history videos. It’s like saving lives through video.  A bit grandiose?  Maybe.

But I do reckon that it’s saving a life to record it on video.  Saving it the only way we mortals can anyway. And the live saved achieves a kind of immortality.

And that’s our business:  Making life story video and personal history documentaries to record lives – for the pleasure that comes from it today.  And for the value that it represents tomorrow.

One of the first life stories we “saved” was Frances Taylor.

Frances Taylor nearly didn’t make it to America – booked to sail on the Titanic she and her family were bumped from the passenger list at the last moment.  Her Dad, already in America, didn’t know.

And right now she’s still alive – over 100 years old.  Not the oldest survivor of the Titanic – I think that they have now all now: Titanic’s Oldest Survivor.  But probably she is the oldest living person who was booked to sail on the Titanic.

And this blog?  This blog will showcase some extracts of lives recorded and lives preserved.  It will show that the person does not need to be famous to earn an A&E-style biography. And it will prove the old saying, by Mark Twain I believe, “That there never was an uninteresting live”.

This blog and the stories we will feature will all have video – embedded from YouTube – and it will help carry on our crusade that everyone preserve their families’ stories. The options for doing so are wider than ever before and can be done by every one of us or can be done with professional help.

Our Titanic survivor? You can read more about Frances Taylor: Titanic Survivor Lived Another 97 Years

If you are interested in creating a video memoir or family history video then look at some of the life stories on this blog and find some ideas and inspiration to apply to your own story.

A life story video is the most immediate and engaging way we have to capture a life and preserve it for future generations. The best of luck with your project!

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  1. Mr WordPress says:

    Just found the new blog.
    Great start! Can’t wait to read some more entries.
    Good luck!

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