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Doc’s Life Story Documentary

Doc made his life story video in 2009. He had been collecting material for decades and was ready. At the age of 82, he was ready to record his life story.

Thinking about ancestors
Looking at the large collection of old photos which he had lovingly scanned into his computer, Doc would sometimes think about his own ancestors. He would see images of a grandfather standing in a field and wonder about his life story. But there was no way to travel back in time to hear it.

Doc didn’t want to be that kind of grandfather in the years to come. He wanted his story to be told. Not out of any sense of his own importance – although he has a lot to feel important about. No, he wanted his life story to be told in a documentary because he has lived a full life and the following generations might be curious about those who came before. And if they were, with the life story documentary he was planning, they could hear about at least one of those lives.

And Doc’s life has been interesting. Successful in business, Doc was also an outdoors man from his earliest years right up to the present. One of his favorite stories was the time he went spear fishing in Mexico. With home made SCUBA equipment.

You can read more about Doc’s life story: Doc Makes a Life Story Video

Life Story Documentary
Life Story Documentary is an increasingly popular way to preserve our own stories or the stories of those we love. Typically, the subject is interviewed on camera about their life and additional footage is shot of the subject going about a favorite activity. If there are home movies available then these are included; and if the person’s life has intersected with the events of their times, then archive images and footage can also be added.

Life story videos will normally include personal photographs with full captions and the whole thing should be arranged in chapters with appropriate chapter titles. A DVD menu should allow the viewer to screen the entire documentary or just dip into certain parts.

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