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Executive and Retirement Tributes on Video

Have executive and retirement tribute videos been lost in all the excitement over genealogy and family history video?

It does seem that genealogy and the widely shared interest in our ancestors and our heritage has stolen much of the thunder of personal biography recently. Genealogy is one of the fastest growing pass-times in the country today and the business of one of the best on-line resources in the space – – is going from strength to strength feeding our appetite for family history.

But lost in all this hubbub may be some focus and attention on the business and career profile.

We spend so much of our time and energy in our executive, corporate or entrepreneurial careers. Over the course of a lifetime, we spend decades away from our families (including countless evenings and weekends for many of us) as we build our careers and strive for success.
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And of course the main reason we do this is our families. But we are caught on the horns of a peculiar dilemma: We want the best for our families (which includes giving them our personal time and attention) – but we need to spend the majority of our time and attention away from them to help give them the best.

Like so much else in life, a business career is a kind of exquisite trade-off. We need to hurt the thing we love (in the short term) to help the thing we love (in the longer term).

Do our families understand our business careers? For many of us, we are acutely aware that the time we spend at work on our executive or entrepreneurial careers is time away from our loved ones. And so when we return, we are understandably reluctant to go into detail about what we have been doing. It seems unfair – so instead we change the subject and ask and listen to how things are progressing on the home front.

The result is that an aspect of our lives that we put our greatest effort into is the thing least understood about us. So when a business career is coming to a close or when retirement looms we need to seize the opportunity to properly remember and record our business lives.

One-time Vice Chairman of Hughes Electronics and satellite communications executive Steve Dorfman agrees. “It’s hard to explain a career. But a video business biography can makes the whole subject come alive and accessible to future generations,” says the Los Angeles based Dorfman. Although he never actually “retired”, Dorfman did talk about his long and successful business career in a business video biography titled “Stages”.

For people who are interested in creating an Executive and Retirement Tribute on Video there are professionals who can assist with this very important – and occasionally overlooked – aspect of personal history.

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