Life Story Video

Saving lives through video


The Life Story Video Blog showcases personal stories told on video.

On the blog you can read about German Mischling Inge Papich who grew up in Nazi Germany with one Jewish grandmother and the other an ardent Nazi.

You can read about Doc Wylde, who grew up along Southern California’s San Juan Creek scooping trout out of pools and gathering wild honey.

You can also learn about “Video Memorials and Funeral Slideshows To Go”, “Executive and Retirement Tributes on Video”, and many other applications for Life Story Video.

Personal documentaries are an increasingly popular way to present individual and family history. And the “The Life Story Video Blog” is one place to learn about this new and exciting method to preserve your past.


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Welcome to the Life Story Video Blog!
This blog features stories about ordinary people and their experiences with life story videos.
Us? We are professional family historians creating custom-made, life story video documentaries!
Take a poke around and if you need help with your life story video just click the picture!

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